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Sweet Life Botanicals is the culmination of more than 50 years of experience in the study and manufacture of herbal tinctures and alternative medicinal therapies. Our goal, from the beginning, has been to produce the absolute best quality tinctures in order to support your bodies natural immune system to become stronger and more resilient.

How do we do this?

We use a process patented by The Research Institute for Sayfer Botanicals called "Full Spectrum Cold Percolation". It differs from the standard process of maceration in that maceration can take 3-4 weeks or even longer to produce a consistent tincture, whereas Full Spectrum Cold Percolation can produce a better balanced and considerably improved tincture in only 8 hours. These tinctures are anywhere from 40% to 500% more potent and offer both a chemistry and an energy component to support the human body in correcting many problems. As a result of this modernizing we use and recommend only drop dosages for things that, in the past, required teaspoon or greater dosages to do the very same job. We use this technology, which has been tested in clinical practice for over 30 years, to provide you with the safest, most potent and most effective tinctures available today.

Welcome to the future of Herbalism.